Miiri Shinwa

Miiri Shinwa is a very outgoing, energetic wolf-girl who loves things that resembles string, cords, shoelaces, or anything that you can get tangled up in. She also is very amused by bubbles, and tends to act very catlike at times. If you were to call Miiri a dog or cat, though, you’d better be ready for a slash across the face. As she can act very cute and charming, she also has a darker, more wolflike side, which is usually exposed when there is a full moon, or when someone or something deeply enrages her.
Shinwa,” meaning “fable,” and her first name, “Miiri,” meaning “harvest,” are said to be names passed down from her wise ancestors who were also wolf-people. (Though, Miiri’s personality and actions really have no relations to her ancestors’ sacred origins…) There have been rumors that she might have some relation to Holo the Wisewolf.
Miiri absolutely loves creamsicles, which are colorful (usually orange) popsicles with delicious vanilla ice cream inside. She is great friends with Tei Shizuka.

Height: 5’3″ (137 cm)
Weight: 101 lbs. (46 kg)

Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Harvest-moon yellow
Headgear: Orange headset with white, D-shaped earphones that have small wings attached to the backs. Two perky wolf ears sit on the top of her head behind her headphone strap, but those are real.
Torso: Orange shirt with a white collar. The sleeves cut off right before her shoulders.
Skirt: Orange, moderately short and not very loose. There is a large black belt wrapped around the top.
Arms: Long, fingerless gloves with black and white stripes that cut off right at her elbows.
Accessories: Black collar around neck.
Footwear: Tall, shiny orange boots that stretch up to just above her knees. A white under-layer runs down the front. Thin black laces criss-cross in a diamond pattern all the way to the bottom.

Random Facts:
– Miiri dislikes being scolded
– Miiri is bisexual
– Miiri’s favorite Pokémon is Mightyena
– She absolutely can’t resist string or anything similar to it
– When someone insults her tail or ears, she gets very angry
– Leashes deeply irritate her unless someone familiar is holding the other end