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Re-recording Miiri’s Voicebank + Other News

Hi there~
Jeez, it’s been a while since I’ve written an entry here. It’s almost Christmas XD

Anyways, so I’ve been really into making music lately. My dad got me FL Studio as a Birthday present (Thanks Dad! You rock ;A; <3) and I'm asking for Luka's voicebank for Christmas.
I've been thinking about re-recording Miiri's voicebank. I really love her voice, but it's such low quality orz and my dad found a fancy Fender microphone in the basement that's brand new so I could record it with, like, Ritsu and Teto quality.
And then I could make really awesome original songs. I could sing, too! Luka and Miiri and I could all sing together~
I've already got two tunes for songs put together. All I need to do is make the UST/VSQs. And record my violin. And make the 8bit tune on FL. dsfsdf

Bye for now~ And Merry Christmas!


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Miiri Shinwa 1.0 Official Release

Hi there~! ^_^
I’ve finally and officially released Miiri Shinwa’s 1.0 voicebank! She comes in Japanese and Romaji. The full version with extra English samples is coming soon.

Voicebank Download:
Basic: [link]
Romaji: [link]

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UTAU utau utau~

I haven’t posted here in a while, eh? Whoa…

Well, I realized that I really should have a blog, at least for UTAU purposes. (Or ranting about things that people on deviantART don’t want to read about in my journals… orz)

Yay, I’m going to release my UTAUloid soon! Miiri Shinwa is her name~! She’s really good at singing high, but she sounds really cute when she sings low, too.

I just posted a song of hers on YouTube, here. I’ll be posting all of her covers of songs on this channel, so if you’re interested, please stay tuned!

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Want to Create a UTAUloid…

I’ve been wanting to create my own UTAUloid for some time now, and I’ve finally decided that I’m going to make one over Spring Break, which is next week! (finally!~) I have no clue what I’m going to do with her design, and from her look comes her name, and with that comes her personality, and her personality translates into how her voice should sound. I can do a pretty real-sounding impression of Teto, but I’m not going to try to make my UTAUloid sound just like her (even though her voice is awesome).

I’ve been downloading numbers of USTs and testing them out on Shizuka Tei (my favorite UTAUloid), and I’m just thinking how cool it would be if my UTAUloid could sing this stuff!~ So, on Friday, I’ll begin to sketch out her design and try to think of some interesting things about her. Once I get all the creative stuff down, it’s time for voice recording with Audacity! I hope it dosen’t crash down on me like it usually does… That would be a real pain…

UTAUloids are so fun ❤

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