Re-recording Miiri’s Voicebank + Other News

Hi there~
Jeez, it’s been a while since I’ve written an entry here. It’s almost Christmas XD

Anyways, so I’ve been really into making music lately. My dad got me FL Studio as a Birthday present (Thanks Dad! You rock ;A; <3) and I'm asking for Luka's voicebank for Christmas.
I've been thinking about re-recording Miiri's voicebank. I really love her voice, but it's such low quality orz and my dad found a fancy Fender microphone in the basement that's brand new so I could record it with, like, Ritsu and Teto quality.
And then I could make really awesome original songs. I could sing, too! Luka and Miiri and I could all sing together~
I've already got two tunes for songs put together. All I need to do is make the UST/VSQs. And record my violin. And make the 8bit tune on FL. dsfsdf

Bye for now~ And Merry Christmas!


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